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OEM Exchange is a neutral buyer whereby we offer the most competitive pricing.  We have no conflicts as we are independent buyer.  i.e. we are not selling equipment or service.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) may offer trade-in pricing for your used equipment against the purchase of new equipment.  Service companies may offer credits against future repair services.  OEMs may not be interested in trading in the equipment and offer to find a 3rd party to buy the equipment.  Service companies may want to put credits on the books so you keep using their service.  Last but not least, if you sell equipment, it may be applied back to the general operating budget.  OEM Exchange offers solutions in selling your equipment.

We buy endoscopes and associated light sources, processors, accessories, as well as battery powered orthopedic power equipment.  This consists of flexible and rigid endoscopy systems from OLYMPUS®, PENTAX®, FUJINON®, STRYKER®, and STORZ® Medical, and battery powered equipment from STRYKER Medical.

Contact the OEM Exchange. One of our representatives will walk you through our very simple process.  We’ll ask some basic questions concerning the type of equipment that is available and who provides service on the equipment.  Upon receiving a listing of your available equipment, OEM Exchange will prepare a competitive bid for your review.

Buying new equipment is similar to buying a new car. If the car dealer knows you have a trade-in, they will provide a lower discount on the new car. Consequently, if you tell them you do not have a trade-in, they will offer a better discount. You may have to haggle a bit but you’re out to get the best deal, right? Once you have negotiated your new car pricing, or in this case your new capital equipment purchases, you can then introduce trade-in equipment.

Selling your equipment separate of the equipment purchase creates a better net purchase price or the ability to create capital to purchase other needed equipment for your department. Most often, you can achieve the same level of discount on your new equipment without trading in your equipment. You can then use your used equipment to create tremendous value for other items to which capital may not be available.

OEM Exchange purchases small and large lots of equipment.  Sometimes customers have two to three scopes to sell or upwards of an entire departmental inventory.  No deal is too large or too small!

OEM Exchange will provide our FedEx # for shipment or pick-up by a freight forwarder. All shipments are insured by OEM Exchange and we pick up the freight costs.

For larger lots of equipment, OEM Exchange will send a representative to inspect the equipment and pack it for shipment.

OEM Exchange is a subsidiary of Clinical Choice, LLC, a HUB certified vendor of Vizient, HealthTrust, and Amerinet.