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At the end of the equipment life cycle,
your used G.I. Endoscopy Equipment
has hidden cash value!

Typical ownership life cycle for a piece of G.I. endoscopy equipment is between three to seven years. Most companies choose to trade in their used equipment towards the purchase of new equipment.  In return, they are given what seems like a good trade in value; however, these values are often artificially inflated and applied to the the undiscounted pricing of the new equipment purchase.

By separating your used equipment value from the new equipment purchase, your company will achieve on average a ten to twenty percent higher discount on new equipment purchases.  In addition, you can maximize the value of your used equipment by exchanging it for cash that can be separately applied to your equipment purchase, or that can be used for goods or services.   

That’s where we step in!

Our team of experts can provide you the maximum cash value for your used endoscopy equipment – giving you the best bargaining power and available cash for new equipment purchases.

We buy endoscopes and associated light sources, processors and accessories and battery powered orthopedic power equipment.  This consists of flexible and rigid endoscopy systems from


Medical and Battery Powered equipment from STRYKER Medical.

Some of the more popular models that we purchase are shown below, but there are many more!

Cash for Capital Table

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What’s the Next Step?

We provide no hassle, no obligation quotes for your equipment.  For larger equipment lots, we can arrange for on-site inspection, pick up and freight management.  This helps to free up your valuable time to focus on the most important part of your business – your patients.

If you are interested in working with us, simply click on the Request a Bid button below and complete the simple form.  One of our experts will reach out to you quickly to discuss your needs and how to proceed.